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1099 Printing, Mailing, & Electronic Filing

Printing, Mailing, & Electronic Filing

Our Service Bureau is capable of printing, mailing, and electronic filing all 1099 Series forms, with the built-in features of our 1099 Pro software. The Service Bureau also supports W-2, 1042-S, 5498, 5498-SA, and ACA 1095 printing, mailing, and eFiling (requires Corporate Suite Software). All records are processed in our secure SOC I Type II environment. 1099 Series and 5498 electronic filing customers have the option to participate in the IRS Combined Federal State Filing Program at no additional charge.

To get an estimate cost, visit our pricing page. View our Filing Timeline and calendar for important dates to help you stay organized. You can download sample import files, watch video tutorials, download the January software update, and find other important information at 1099 Pro Support.

Benefits of Using the Service Bureau

Letting the Service Bureau handle your tax filing has several advantages:

  • Time Saving - tax filing season can be a hectic time of year. By utilizing the Service Bureau, you can save yourself time and let us do it for you.
  • Less Stress - tax filing season can also be stressful! Let us take the stress of printing, mailing, and e-filing your tax forms off your shoulders.
  • Affordable - your tax filing needs are handled by the Service Bureau Team at an affordable price.
  • Avoid Penalties – Easily process a Bulk TIN Match to ensure your TINs and Names match the IRS database.
  • Peace of Mind – Your data is processed securely via the Sovos 1099 Pro Software / SOC 1 Type 2 environment. The Service Bureau filed over 15 million forms in tax year 2022.

1099-NEC State Reporting Service

  • The 1099-NEC tax form is included in the IRS CF/SF Program. However, many states continue to require direct reporting of the 1099-NEC.
  • For states that require direct reporting, 1099 Pro offers a 1099-NEC state reporting service, via the Service Bureau, for select states. For more information and rates, please see 1099-NEC State Reporting Service.

What is the Process for Working with the Service Bureau?

Whether you’re using the Service Bureau for printing and mailing or electronic filing only, we’ve got you covered. To help with your uploads, we’ve created step by step instructions on how to submit your data. You can find these instructions, and other helpful resources on our Service Bureau Wiki page. We also have a library of tutorial videos on our website that you can view here.

To learn more, or to get started, contact us!

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